Executive Vocabulary download

Executive Vocabulary: Power Words for Success in Business and Career



During 7 full hours of instruction, delivered on 5 convenient CD’s:
1. We start with a clear, concise definition written exclusively for this program so that the word’s meaning is crystal clear. But even though most other programs stop there, with Executive Vocabulary®, that’s only the beginning…
2. Next, we tell you where, when and how the word is used in today’s business and real world communication. If words are tools, this is your instruction manual. As you listen to each lesson, you’ll begin to intuitively understand exactly when it’s appropriate to use each Power Word– and you’ll never have to fear using it incorrectly.
3. Then we provide up to four usage examples. Instead of just one or two sentences that leave you guessing or confused, Executive Vocabulary® gives you several real-life examples of the words in action, pulled straight from leading news and business publications – so the examples are relevant to your everyday experience.
4. Finally, we test your recall to drive the Power Words® home and guarantee these words become a permanent part of your active vocabulary.
This four-step method allows you to instantly recall and easily use these powerful new words to begin projecting the image of success right away.

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  1. Ayşe
    Tem 11, 2012 @ 10:54:07

    Bu dosyanın şifresi var ve bu şifreyi yazmadığınız için dosyalar açılmıyor


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